Thursday 24 June 2010


Just received this great video from Simon Le Boggit of Mental Health. He writes ...

It's all happening next week. The song BOMBASTIC MIND by my band MENTAL HEALTH has been chosen as one of 40 songs taking part in the Storm The Charts campaign (, which currently has over 30,000 supporters signed up to it.

The idea is to flood the UK Top 40 chart with 40 songs by fresh new "unsigned" artists. The mass download week starts at midnight on Saturday 26th June, and runs through to Sunday 4th July - "Independent's Day".

The BOMBASTIC MIND mp3 can be downloaded from Amazon, iTunes etc – details of their UK branches (which register on the UK chart) can be found on MENTAL HEALTH’s website here:
I rather liked it, but then I am a massive Stranglers fan.

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