Wednesday 14 January 2009

Faith: A humanitarian perspective

“Oh ye of little faith”, the pious religions mock
Because I exercise free thought, instead of following the flock
Society kowtows, to spiritual devotion
And reverence increases, with the absurdity of notion

Humanitarian thinking, I hear to my dismay
Is unsuitable material, to air on “Thought for the Day”
They say that lack faith, is the primary reason why
Critical thinking, has led my thoughts awry

But I have lots of faith, of this I am quite sure
Despite your weird delusion, which I find so immature
I have faith in many things, so I shall make a list
And put them in a poem, to show you they exist

I have faith in all my friends, and especially in my family
I have faith in my convictions, and that my children will astound me
I have faith when I get home, my wife will drink some tea
I have faith no matter what, she’ll always have love for me

I have faith than in the summer, I’ll be quaffing lots of cider
And that knowledge will be gained, from the Large Hadron Collider
I have faith in education, and reading books by Sagan
I have faith that learning science, will stop us turning Pagan

I have faith that young musicians, in spite of Simon Cowell
Will learn to play guitars, instead of throwing in the towel
I had that Faith that Roger Waters, would talk to Dave Gilmour
I have faith that modern medicine, will strive to find a cure

I have faith in quantum mechanics, gravity and evolution
That scientific method, provides the best solution
I have faith that several men, have walked upon the moon
If others share my faith, we could return quite soon

I have faith that detox diets, are a way of making money
You have no psychic powers, and there is no Easter Bunny
But I have faith that every fraud, and alternative medicine maker
Will be exposed by Mr Randi, or the wit of Ben Goldacre

I have faith in secular government, although they’re much maligned
I have faith conspiracy theories, are purely in your mind
My faith in modern morality, beats your old religious ways
I prefer to respect women, free slaves and befriend gays

I have faith in Mr Darwin, And Mr Einstein too
And all of the experiments, that proved their theories true
So I have lots faith, but it’s not the religious kind
It’s based on solid evidence and certainly isn’t blind


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WhiteCrowUK said...

Not an athiest myself, but a nice thoughtful piece non-the-less.

Anonymous said...

When you say you have faith in your convictions, how is that based on 'solid evidence'?

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I really like the content and the message of this poem.Well done!